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Many Alien Species, Good and Evil, by Thomas M. Sipos  [June 3, 2015]

Men in Black Van Want to Take Me 'For a Ride' -- Then I Saw a UFO!, by Thomas M. Sipos  [November 21, 2013]

I've Seen 100s of UFOs -- But They Refused to Abduct Me!, by Thomas M. Sipos  [February 1, 2013]

UFOs Are from Another Dimension -- And They're Here to Deceive, by Charles Upton  [July 19, 2012]

Dr. Stephen Cox, Ex-Military, Exposes UFO Cover-Ups, by Thomas M. Sipos  [June 6, 2012]

New Mexico Remains a Hotbed of UFO Activity, by Thomas M. Sipos  [May 4, 2012]

What Type of UFO Sighting Did YOU See?, by Carmen McLaren  [November 25, 2011]

UFOs, Ghosts Haunt Missouri Triangle -- While Reptilians Clone Hitler, by Marcus Rubyman  [November 2, 2011]

Gray Alien Head Fossil: Were They Here First?, by Marcus Rubyman  [February 15, 2011]

I Think I Am an Alien Abductee, by Amanda Leigh  [June 27, 2009]

Alien Orb Examined My Baby Girl -- And There Was Nothing I Could Do, by Thomas M. Sipos  [November 29, 2007]

Alien Appears Out of Thin Air -- Stops Man From Turning Off TV, by Vanessa Cortez  [November 22, 2007]

Alien Life Can Be Found -- By Observing Their Suns, by James Dunn  [April 27, 2007]

President Gerald Ford's UFO Legacy, by Frank Warren  [January 17, 2007]

Ancient Astronauts Created You, by Michael Tellinger  [June 15, 2006]

Evil UFOs Are Spying on Me, by Thomas M. Sipos  [June 2, 2006]

Pine Bush UFO Caught on Camera, by Thomas M. Sipos  [May 7, 2005]

Only the 'Mad Gullible' Believe We Went to the Moon, by Steve  [April 7, 2005]

Eerie Sounding UFOs Astonish Scottish High Schooler, by Thomas M. Sipos  [February 26, 2005] 

The "UFO" Airships of 1896 - 1897, by Steven A. Arts  [September 26, 2004]

Divine Rebels, Alien Dissidents, by C. Scott Littleton  [November 5, 2003]

Apollo Moon Landing NOT a Hoax!, by Big Jim and  [August 24, 2003]

Aliens Engineered Elephants, by Der Voron  [July 5, 2003]

Universe and Life Originated from Gravitational Ether, by Amrit Sorli  [June 28, 2003]

Aliens Can Help You Survive Doomsday Chaos, by Der Voron  [May 25, 2003]

Alien Medical Teams in Israel, by Marcus Rubyman  [May 5, 2003]

Tiny Glowing UFO Flies Through Matter, by Kenneth Behrendt  [April 8, 2003]

Secret of UFO Propulsion: Ghosts, by Marcus Rubyman  [April 8, 2003]

George Noory Discriminates Among Aliens, by Ronald F. Avery  [March 16, 2003]

Jesus Turned Me Into an Alien, by Vanessa Cortez  [March 12, 2003]

Time Theory & Soviet Wheat Deals Prove NASA Hoaxed Moon Flights, by Der Voron  [March 14, 2003]

We Were Followed by UFOs, and Likely Abducted, by Thomas M. Sipos [February 24, 2003]

US Missile Defense Test Shot Down Columbia, by Kahn  [February 17, 2003]

Alien Starcraft Destroyed Columbia Space Shuttle, by Der Voron  [February 2, 2003]

Alien Starcraft: Diagrams and Specs from Area 51, by Der Voron  [January 22, 2003]

Apollo Moon Flight: NASA Hoax or Alien Technology, by Der Voron  [January 16, 2003]

How You Can Identify UFO Hoaxes from Real Alien Spacecraft, by Thomas M. Sipos  [January 1, 2003]

YOU Were Genetically Engineered by Aliens, by Thomas M. Sipos  [December 15, 2002]

Air Force Spy's Shocking Bombshell Admission: UFO's Not Real, Thomas M. Sipos  [July 21, 2002]

Bizarre Lights in the Sky Track American Airlines Flight, by Vanessa Cortez  [January 25, 2002]

Expanding Universe Crisis: Shifting Stars Doom Constellations -- End of Astrology?, by Vanessa Cortez  [November 21, 2001]

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