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UFOs & Aliens


Aliens the Truth  Much info that covers the gamut, and nice graphics.
Bob Lazar  "Theoretical Physics Archive." Area 51, Skunkworks, Groom Lake, etc.

Coast to Coast  Formerly Art Bell. UFOs, ghosts, vampires, conspiracies, everything.

David Sereda  UFO & environmental blog, and a good one.
Dreamland Resort  Area 51 watchdog.

Echoes of Enoch  Christian counseling for UFO abductees. Hollow earth, ghosts, grays.

Exopolitics  "Political Implications of the ET Presence."

Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee  Wants disclosure of govt UFO files.

Eve Lorgen  Psychotherapy for alien abductees.
Federal Extraterrestrial Exposure Law 
Text to US Federal Code: Title 14, Section 1211
International UFO Museum & Research Center  Located in Roswell.
Legendary Times  Erich von Däniken's official ancient astronaut site.

Majestic Documents  Government documents that prove "we are not alone!"

Martian Archeology  Cydonia, Face On Mars, ancient Martian civilizations, etc.

Moon Base Clavius  Claims the Apollo moon landing was not a hoax.

MUFON  Mutual UFO network. Umbrella organization of UFO groups.
National UFO Reporting Center  Report your sightings here!

Raelian Revolution, The  Official site of alien clone cult, English portal. Brigitte Boisselier.

Roswell Files  Your first stop on what happened at Roswell.

Roswell Rods  The mysterious transdimensional beings that surround you.
Roswell UFO Tours  By Roswell resident Dennis Balthaser.

Sirius Disclosure  Dr. Steven Greer.
UFO Casebook  UFO sightings, reports, etc.
UFO Seek  UFO/paranormal search engine.
Unknown Country  Official site of Whitley Strieber.

X Facts  UFOs, face on Mars, Planet X, etc.
Zeta Talk  Nancy channels the alien Zeta folk. Planet X info.




Above Top Secret  Majestic 12, alien autopsy, CIA remote viewing, Area 51, more.
Bilderberg  A conspiracist favorite. Site seems to be run by "Jews for Jesus" types.
Clinton Body Count  Clinton's long trail of dead bodies.

Conspiracy Archive  Emphasis on Illuminati, New Age, politics, religion.
Council on Foreign Relations  Many say they control the world! As seen on The X-Files!

Crank  Conspiracies, UFOs, paranormal, weird science, extreme politics, cults, paranoia.
Freemasonry Watch  Monitoring Freemasons.
Jeff Rense  Art Bell clone. Conspiracies, UFOs, chemtrails, alternative health ...

John Lennon Murder  Claims that Nixon, Reagan, and Stephen King murdered Lennon!

Lobster  "The Journal of Parapolitics" (a British journal about conspiracies).
Save the Males  Freemasonry, British aristocracy, Zionism, Communism, feminism vs. men [sic!]

Securitate  Espionage and intelligence news & parody. For cloak & dagger buffs.

Tetrahedron  Bioweapons, AIDS, eboli, SARS, small pox. Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

Trilateral Commission, The  Seems to be their official website.

Wayne Madsen Report  Much about Clinton, Bush and the New World Order.

What Really Happened  Emphasis on 9/11 and World Government.


Weird Science


Alchemy Website, The  Now you can turn lead into gold!
American Society of Dowsers  Founded 1961. Chapters throughout U.S.

Atlantis Rising  "Ancient Mysteries. Future Science. Unexplained Anomalies."
Daily Grail  UFOs, hidden archeology, weird science, supernatural, conspiracy, etc.

Earth Files  Linda Moulton Howe. Crop circles, cattle mutilations, ghosts.

Evolution Fraud  Exposing the shocking lies of evolutionists.

Forbidden Archeology  Michael Cremo's site. As heard on the Art Bell Show.

Fortean Times  UFOs, paranormal, crop circles, occult, ghosts, monsters, etc.

Grand Illusions  Amazing magic tricks & startling weird science experiments.

Mad Science Network  Scientists answer your questions -- plus "oddities."
Our Hollow Earth  Expeditions into the hollow earth.
Science Frontiers  The Unusual & Unexplained.

Weird Research, Anomalous Physics  Weird science links & experiments.


Hauntings, Miracles & the Occult


Alberta Paranormal Investigations  Ghost hunters in the great white north.
American Hauntings  American hauntings, unsolved mysteries, ghost tours, books.
Anomalist, The  UFOs, bigfoot, strange history, gonzo science.
Association Transcommunication  Life after death.
Astrological Compatibility Chart  Check compatibility of friends, lovers, co-workers.
Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained  UFOs, conspiracies, ghosts, more.
Fate Magazine  UFOs, paranormal, astrology, etc.

First Spiritual Temple  Christian spiritualists. Jesus, channeling, reincarnation. Est. 1883.

From the Shadows  True "tales of the supernatural." Jason Offutt.  Obiwan's UFO-Free Paranormal Page.  Gnosticism, Hermeticism, alchemy, Christian heresy, etc.

Haunted House Investigations  Pasadena based ghost tours. Michael J. Kouri.
International Association for Near Death Studies  Tunnels of blue light.

Mystica, The  Online Encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal, more.

Odd & Untold  Podcast for the paranormal, supernatural & unexplained.
Orion Center  "For the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls."

Psychic Twins  They're the cuties who predicted 9/11. Terry and Linda Jamison.

Seven Deadly Sins  And the Seven Heavenly Virtues!
Unexplained Mysteries  "Your Gateway to the Paranormal." Also has UFOs.


Health & Healing for Mind & Body


Anti-Aging Systems  Remedies for cancer, cataracts, Alzheimer's wrinkles, more.
Burzynski Patient Group  Antineoplaston -- miracle cancer cure suppressed by the FDA.

Citizens for Health  Natural health consumer advocacy group.

Citizens Commission on Human Rights  Exposing psychiatric abuses. Scientologists.

Contra Health Scam  Exposing health scams.
Critical Health News  "Empowering Alternatives."
Dr. Julian Whitaker  "Alternative Health and Anti-Aging Medicine."

Eye Advisory  "Eye Disease Prevention & Treatment."

Healing the Eye
Home Remedies  And natural cures.
Life Enhancement 
News & products from Duke Pearson & Sandy Shaw.
Life Extension  Founded by Duke Pearson & Sandy Shaw.

Living Foods Institute  Healing foods for cancer, poor eyesight, gray hair, depression, etc.

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine  This is a govt site.

Natural Health Line  News stories and news links
Natural Solutions  Alternative medicine.
Quackwatch  Anti-alternative medicine.

Wisdom of the Body  A metaphysical/spiritual path to healing cancer.


Bizarro & Quirky Fun


Bus Plunge  Reporting on fatal bus plunges worldwide.
Deathclock  Calculates the exact day of your death!
Museum of Hoaxes
News of the Weird  By Chuck Shepherd.

Psychic Card Test  Online test tells if you are psychic.

Ripley's Believe It or Not  Official site.
Snopes  Debunking hoaxes and urban legends.




Babylon Bee  Satire.
Emily Strange  She's a cartoon goth girl. A beautiful, dark, funny site.
Modern Drunkard Magazine  For happy alkies.

Modern Humorist  Hip gonzo satire.

Postmodern Generator  Academic Gobbledegook -- Shocking!

Red Meat  Sicko cartoons by Max Cannon.

This Modern World  Left political satirical cartoons from Tom Tomorrow.

Weekly World News  Satire.


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