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by Charles Upton, guest contributor  [July 19, 2012]





[]  The UFO "aliens" are beings from another "dimension" -- the world called in some systems the etheric plane, situated on the "isthmus" between the material world and the world of dreams and mental imagery.

The etheric plane is home to the Jinn, the elemental spirits, the fairies, the Powers of the Air mentioned in Ephesians 2:2 -- the "air" in this sense denoting the subtle-material dimension. (The "border" between the etheric plane and the world defined by the five senses has to do with the electro-magnetic spectrum, as evidenced by that the proximity of a UFO will often cause electronic equipment to malfunction.)

Some denizens of that world are best described as demons. Not all etheric "nations" are demonic, just as not every fish in shark-infested waters is a shark; nonetheless the early Christian Fathers were very wise to counsel strict avoidance of that realm, especially since the people who most commonly interacted with it in their time -- and are still doing so today -- were (and are) the Pagan magicians.

The prime enigma is: How do the three aspects of the UFO phenomenon relate to each other? Aren't they mutually exclusive? If UFOs are a physical phenomenon, doesn't that mean they have to be alien spaceships? If they are a psychic phenomenon, doesn't that mean that they couldn't be physical craft? And if the phenomenon is human deception activities of the "Mission Impossible" variety, doesn't that mean that the whole thing is a hoax?

No on all three counts.

Demons are subtle beings inhabiting the psychic or etheric plane who can temporarily materialize themselves and various objects in this world, but who cannot remain on our material plane in stable form for very long -- if they could, they wouldn't have to possess people in order to work their evil in this world. (See Seraphim Rose, Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future.)

And the deception activities of human groups, besides being attempts to piggyback on and use a phenomenon that the deceivers didn't originate and can't control (the same can be said for various human attempts to mimic alien "technology") may actually be -- or also be -- acts designed not to deceptively imitate the "aliens" to influence mass belief, but to actually invoke them, in line with the practice of "sympathetic magic" as described in the classic work on mythology and primitive belief, The Golden Bough by Sir James Frazer.

This depressing thesis leads us to the question of the possible involvement of the intelligence community and various arcane technologists -- whose connection to the UFO phenomenon have been documented both by Jacques Vallee in Messengers of Deception and Peter Levenda in Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft -- in outright Satanism. (Levenda gives much well-researched evidence in support of this thesis).

The case of pioneer rocket scientist Jack Parsons comes to mind. Parsons was a follower of black magician Aleister Crowley and an associate of L. Ron Hubbard, a follower of Crowley who founded the Church of Scientology and who (according to my correspondence with Beat Generation writer William Burroughs in the late 1960s, when he was breaking with Scientology) had a background in Naval Intelligence, something confirmed by Levenda.

Parsons (according to Vallee) claimed to have met a "Venusian" in the Mojave Desert, performed Pagan rituals at his launchings (as recounted by Levenda), and went on to co-found the Aerojet Corporation and Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He provided early designs for the Pentagon; a crater was named after him on the dark side of the moon.

Parsons's rituals appear to be a continuation of a series of magical invocations performed by Crowley in 1918 called the "Amalantrah Workings" whose intent was to open an interdimensional portal that would allow him access to beings from other worlds.

One of the spooks that came through this portal was a generic or collective entity named "Lam." The sketch Crowley made of Lam bears a striking resemblance to the "Gray," the standard contemporary image of the extraterrestrial popularized by Whitley Strieber.

I believe we should take seriously Eastern Orthodox priest Seraphim Rose’s assertion, in Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, that the great expansion of the UFO phenomenon after WWII was to lay the psychic groundwork for the advent of the regime of Antichrist, particularly since the mass belief in UFOs, whether conceived of as alien spacecraft or as "interdimensional" manifestations, has been an important element in the widespread pagan/ occult revival that has so obviously weakened and undermined the world’s religions.

The French metaphysician René Guénon, The Reign of Quantity & the Signs of the Times, provides a solid metaphysical basis for idea of Antichrist by demonstrating that this figure (whom Muslims call al-Dajjal, "the deceiver") is not a just-so fable that we must take on blind faith, but represents a necessary dialectical phase in the dissolution of the present cycle-of-manifestation, and the ultimate re-creation of the world.

Guénon provides a cosmological context for the UFO phenomenon, though he does not mention it by name, limiting himself to describing the breakthrough of "infra-psychic forces" due to the hardening of the cosmic environment under the regime of materialism (the phase he calls "Anti-Tradition"), followed by the psycho-physical fracturing of that environment in our own time (the phase of "Counter-Tradition", i.e. false religion).

Anti-Tradition peaked in the 19th Century under "classical materialism," while Counter-Tradition expresses itself in terms of our present postmodern worldview, one that might be termed "magical scientism." The upshot is that fissures are now starting to appear in the "great wall" separating the material world from the subtle-energy dimension, home to those entities that we regard, according to the scientistic paradigm, as "extra-terrestrial entities."

Seraphim Rose, citing many Eastern Orthodox saints and the Greek Fathers, as well as Guénon himself, draws many exact parallels between the UFO phenomenon and the experiences of the early Christian saints with the demonic powers, in the days when Christians were still a small minority within a largely Pagan society where the practice of magic was commonplace.

Jacques Vallee, in Messengers of Deception and other books, provides much evidence to support this thesis, though he himself does not assert it; and if Peter Levenda's well-documented findings are accurate -- findings that demonstrate the massive cross-pollenization since WWII between the military, intelligence community, and power elite on the one hand, and the world of magicians and occultists on the other -- then we can say without exaggeration that elements of the CIA and the "military-industrial complex" are involved in practices that can be described as Satanism, whether or not they go by that name.

If Jack Parsons, as Levenda shows, identified himself with Antichrist and dedicated himself to the destruction of Christianity, and if prominent psychic researcher Andrija Puharich, with all his connections to the intelligence community, was involved in channeling so-called "Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences," for which read The Powers of the Air, then is Seraphim Rose's thesis, and mine, really that far-fetched?

It will only seem far-fetched to those who do not accept the reality of the paranormal.

Copyright 2012 by Charles Upton.


The above article is excerpted from Charles Upton's book, Vectors of the Counter-Initiation: The Course and Destiny of Inverted Spirituality.


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