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by Steve, guest contributor.  [April 7, 2005]




[]  You gotta be mad gullible to understand a few simple things about the 'luny project' of over a quarter century ago -- and still think we was there in flesh and bones!

Four quick facts:

(1) What's a major part of a car?  The engine!

Did you see one on the luny rovers?  They were so puny you couldn't even see them!  The footage of spinning wheels cemented the fact that this was a hoax.  Small motor, big torque -- 1950s technology don't compute!

Lunar rover.  But this poster at



Hubble telescope repair. 
Buy this poster at
(2)  It took a week for astronauts to swap out a mirror on the Hubble space telescope.

So now, how long would it take to assemble an entire lunar land rover?!  Yes, that's taking into consideration that the lunar rover was mostly "pre- assembled."

And where was the engine hoist?


(3)  A second cloth was supposedly used as a landing gear?  I don't think so!  Anything coming out of the back end of a 2-ton object moving at mach 7 lightning speed through the earth's atmosphere would not only be torn to shreds, it would be ripped off the back end in a split second!


(4)  Where's all these high-powered spy satellites everyone brags about that can read newsprint?  No thought of aiming one at the moon?

Had there been lunar rovers, as we were led to believe, and had they been driven for miles on the lunar surface, as we were led to believe, a multi-mile area of tire tracks should be visible by these spy satellites that can read newsprint.  So why don't they photograph and show the tire tracks to us?

The moon's too far away?  Even that' doesn't compute!  What, there weren't ever lunar orbiting satellites before?

The majority of Americans need to, for once, stop listening to what they've been force-fed by the powers that be, and begin to think for themselves -- if that's possible!

Copyright 2005 by Steve


Be sure to read Der Voron's case against the moon landing -- unless it was done via alien technology! ... and a response from!

Also read Bill Kaysing's We Never Went to the Moon.

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