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by Michael Tellinger, guest contributor.  [June 15, 2006]




[]  I don't deny a spiritual side to our existence, but for clarity's sake, let's stick to the physical part of our sudden appearance on Earth as a species some 180,000 to 250,000 years ago. I say "sudden" because we've not really undergone dramatic physical evolutionary changes since then.

Various ancient scripts as old as 5800 years record what sounds like genetic manipulation and cloning by advanced astronauts who settled on Earth and cloned Humankind as a slave species. We've now attained that same ability, yet some people doubt that advanced "humans" could have lived on other planets and done such things on Earth.

Yet consider Panspermia. Life exists everywhere in the universe in the form of microscopic organisms, larvae, spores, seeds, bacteria, viruses, and forms yet unknown to us.

These life forms are dispersed across the universe by asteroids, comets, and other space objects, eventually landing on planets where they sprout new life and evolve into high levels of intelligence. Then this new species enters space and explores other planets.  What we're doing on Mars right now!

New Scientist recently reported on alien life forms that rained down in various parts of the world.  In July 2001, about 50 tons of "red dust" fell in the rain over Kerala, India. In the red dust, scientists found microscopic alien life forms never before seen and without any DNA. In August 2000, sprats (small herring-like fish) fell onto the English port of Great Yarmouth. In June 1997, live tadpoles and toads fell in the rain over Mexico.

The one way this could have happened is that a comet, carrying eggs or larvae or red dust frozen in its icy body, plummeted to Earth. The comet exploded in the upper atmosphere and its contents settled in the clouds -- until the next thunderstorm.

Many more, and lesser, advanced species than us must exist on other planets. As the more evolved universal species explore other planets, they'll do things with unexpected side effects – like creating a new species of lesser intelligence and allowing it to get out of control. That's what likely happened on Earth.

The Human Genome Project corroborates that our DNA was manipulated and spliced upon our creation. A vast percentage of human DNA is inactive -- some 97% of it is wasted space, containing no active code. The full length of our DNA contains some 20,000 genes.

Curiously, humans have the longest DNA molecule among all Earth species, yet use the smallest percentage of it. Other species use much more of their DNA, some as much as 98%.

This contradicts evolutionary principles. Humans should have the most complex and evolved DNA of all species to have created Earth's highest civilization.

Even more curious is that the number of genes in a DNA strand increases from simple organisms to those more advanced. Humans should have the most genes, but strangely, this is not so. The chimp, our nearest genetic relative, has almost twice as many genes as do humans.

Here are some predictions for the total number of genes in species:

Fruit Fly ..........  21,000
Zebrafish .........  50,000
Chicken ...........  76,000
Mouse .............  81,000
Chimp ............ 130,000
Human ............  68 000

Then there's the anomaly of chromosomes. Human DNA is broken into 23 pairs of chromosomes.  By comparison, all apes have 24 pairs. One would expect that Homo Erectus, our immediate evolutionary precursor, would then also have had 24 chromosome pairs. 

On April 6, 2005, Nature reported researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute announced: "A detailed analysis of chromosomes 2 and 4 has detected the largest 'gene deserts' known in the human genome and uncovered more evidence that human chromosome 2 arose from the fusion of two ancestral ape chromosomes."

Chromosome 2 is our second largest chromosome. It makes no sense why two primordial chromosomes should have merged -- to make us human! -- if this new chromosome 2 offers no apparent survival advantage.

Sumerian tablets implying that humans were cloned as a sub-species between Homo Erectus and an advanced humanoid species arriving on Earth some 400,000 years ago suddenly make sense. These tablets describe how our maker removed parts from the "Tree of life" to limit the ability of the new "creature"; how the makers struggled to engineer a "primitive worker" that could understand commands but not be too smart to question their existence.

The Koran and Hindu Laws of Manu similarly suggest genetic cloning;

"Is man not aware that We created him from a little germ? ... We first created man from an essence of clay; then placed him a living germ in a secure enclosure. The germ we made a clot of blood, and the clot a lump of flesh. This we fashioned into bones, then clothed the bones with flesh…"
                                                                        -- Koran


19.  But from minute body particles of these seven very powerful Purushas springs this, the perishable from the imperishable.

20.  Among them each succeeding acquires the quality of the preceding one, and whatever place each of them occupies, even so many qualities it is declared to possess.

                                                        -- Laws of Manu

Note that the Koran references the creator as "We." The cloning of humans as a primitive worker, or "lulu amelu," no longer seems so far fetched. The odd genetic anomalies do seem to support a genetic manipulation in our distant past. Modern day researchers go further, saying that this "fusion" of our chromosome 2 is what makes us human.

Are we nearing proof that humans were created by his Maker to be slaves for the early gold mines on Earth? It seems so.


Michael Tellinger elaborates on his theories in his book, Slave Species of God. He can be contacted through his website

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Copyright 2006 by Michael Tellinger


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