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by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor  [June 6, 2012]





[]  Despite any and all evidence to the contrary, the U.S. military -- indeed, all U.S. government agencies -- continue to deny that alien life forms have ever visited Earth. That's according to Dr. Stephen Cox, a veteran of the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, a current MUFON investigator in New York, and author of Military Response to UFO Activity.

What's more, the military has stubbornly refused to change its position throughout the decades -- from the 1947 Roswell incident through today! (This despite the Air Force's brief admission that aliens had crash-landed at Roswell, which was quickly retracted!)

"Their position remains the same -- there are no such things as UFOs," said Cox to the Weekly Universe. "They -- the Air Force and the government -- say there are no UFOs. This is why they quit investigating UFOs and aliens. The next sentence is what gets me. They say that UFOs pose a threat to National Security."

The government's contradictory positions may partially be due to disagreements among staffers. Within any vast bureaucracy, there are bound to be differences of opinion. "Some officials believe in UFOs and aliens," Cox confirms, "while others cannot comprehend the possibility that we are not alone in this mass universe."

Then there are the jurisdictional disputes. "This is controversial. The Air Force says they have the right to take charge of anything involving our air space and outer space. The CIA says they have the responsibility because it poses a threat to our national security. Each department feels it is their responsibility."

Cox also confirms that the existence of a shadow government -- of real Men in Black. "There is a government within the government -- special forces designed to handle UFOs, crashes, and aliens."

This raises the question of who's ultimately in charge. Our elected leaders -- or the unelected and secret leaders of this shadow government. Cox is "not sure" who's the ultimate boss. "My personal feelings are that our politicians can do almost anything, but when it comes to UFOs and aliens it is on a need to know basis. As President Jimmy Carter found out, being president does not give him the right to know."

During his 1976 presidential campaign, Jimmy Carter promised that if elected, he would open up government files on UFOs. But in the 1990s, Art Bell reported that when he reminded Carter of his promise at a book-signing, Carter said nothing. Instead, he became crestfallen, as if reminded of a painful thought. Like maybe he'd tried open those files, only to discover that he couldn't...

"Jimmy Carter is committed to the fullest possible openness in government, and would support full disclosure of material that was not defense sensitive that might relate to UFOs," says Cox. "He did not, however, pledge to 'make every piece of information concerning UFOs available to the public.' There might be some aspects, of some sightings, that have defense implications that should be safe-guarded against immediate and full disclosure.

"The Freedom of Information Act was passed in 1966 to guarantee citizens the right of access to government documents. In many respects, however, the FOIA did little in terms of releasing documents. This was especially true in terms of UFO documents.

"In 1978 President Carter took action which strengthened the access to documents using the FOIA. He did this by signing an executive order which revamped the government's security classification system. It changed the way in which documents were to be viewed in legal appeals over document releases. It introduced the 'public interest balancing test' which became an important consideration in how UFO (and any other subject) FOIAs were dealt with. This test introduced a new aspect to judicial reviews. During the four years of the Carter administration, the CIA, FBI, NSA, State, Army, USAF, and the Navy released thousands of pages of UFO documents."

Although that sounds like the government has released tons of previously classified UFO secrets, Cox points out, "I have requested several reports on UFOs through these agencies since then. I swear they use two or three markers to cross information out of these reports. I had 30 pages at one point -- there were no more than 50 words on an entire page that I could use!"

UFOs are not an American phenomenon -- they travel across the globe. But other national and international governmental bodies are no more helpful. "For years several people have gone in front of the United Nations about UFOs and aliens," says Cox. "All these years, I do not see that it has accomplished anything."

Since the terror of 9/11 would be a trivial matter when compared to extraterrestrial aliens come to invade Earth, some conspiracy theorists suspect that the War on Terror is a cover for a shadow war or struggle against alien invaders.

"I don't think so," says Cox, dismissing the theory. "Everything I have studied, and friends with connections, tell me the aliens that are here do not have any intentions of invading us. With the superior knowledge aliens have, they would not have to travel billions of miles to destroy us."

Cox has a final thought. "UFOs and aliens are brought up in the Bible, which was printed some 900 years after the death of Christ. We find carvings and paintings that look like modern day astronauts that date back over 5000 years ago. When I look up at our sky at night, and see billions of stars, I know deep down -- We are not alone!"

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Dr. Stephen Cox saw his first UFO in the 1970s. He had one sighting while in the U.S. Navy -- and was told not to talk about it!.

"I have had an implant removed by a government agency and there are no record of the event," he adds.

He began investigating UFOs with MUFON in the early 2000s. He is now the Chief Investigator for MUFON NY and the Assistant State Director for Western NY MUFON.

His books include Military Response to UFO Activity.

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