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by Der Voron, guest columnist.  [January 22, 2003]




[]  The US government has in the past researched alien starcraft through a collaboration program between the Extraterrestrial Civilization of Zeta Reticuli (often called 'Grays'), and possibly some other extraterrestrials, and American researchers in the Area 51 (Nellis test range), Holloman airbase, and other test sites.

Starships of the Extraterrestrial Civilization of the Sirius star system were present, at least until 1988-1989, at the underground Sector 4 base (Area 51, Papoose Lake), code named "The Dark Moon Slide"-- according to some sources, including Bob Lazar.

Here is an old Sirius Extraterrestrial Civilization model.  15-17 meters in diameter, its central conic unit can be removed.  Team consists of 3 EBEs. Color is grayish.  When taking off, it turns around its axis, and emits a "fire ring" (plasma shell?) from its hull.

This craft is evidently a kind of reconnaissance craft.

Two rows of orifices (or devices with special functions?) encircle the hull -- bigger diameter orifices atop and smaller diameter in the bottom.  The diameter of the bigger orifices are about 12 inches.  The distance between each orifice is ~0.5m.

The central black axis may move up and down. Seemingly, a similar craft was observed in 1952 in the German Democratic Republic (Oscar Linke's case). The information about the US having captured this craft comes from informer 'Jim' (source: Do They Have The Power? Alien Mind Control, by Commander X. Excerpted from: "Incredible Technologies of the New World Order", UFO Universe, vol. 7, no. 2, Summer 1997, pp. 40, 42).

Here is one of the biggest starcraft in Sector 4. Its diameter is about 27m, height about 10m, with removable antennas located atop. (As in some other models: 1, 2, 4, and 5). Upper and lower parts rotate in different directions when flying.

The EC of Sirius exploits the modifications of this flying device (until now?). What might be a projector is aside the hull. What might be a cockpit with illuminators is atop. The hull is of silver-metallic color, its bottom part is black (black-green?), and seems to be a light-absorbing surface.

This craft is possibly a transport craft (perhaps it is the famous 'Aztec disk' found on March 25, 1948, in Hart Canyon, near Aztec, New Mexico, with the bodies of 14 EBEs and humans aboard.  This craft seems too big to function as a reconnaissance model.

According to one version, this starship was captured in Nevada in 1952, and was transported by land to Edwards AFB (Murock-Field AFB at that time). In any case, it was kept in Murock (one of five craft of EC that were present there in 1954.)

However, according to another version, a craft was transported from Murock to Wright-Field AFB (later Wright-Patterson AFB, near Dayton, Ohio) in 1952 -- perhaps this one? A witness saw this craft transported on a truck's platform. Is that possible? Naturally, it would have to be a trailer platform of big size).

If it is the Aztec transport disk, perhaps there were no transportation problems because it was possible to dismantle the disk into segments using special blocking/unblocking devices. Such a starcraft, located in one of Area 51's hangars, was depicted in Jeremy Kagan's Roswell film, as well in other sources. In his film, Kagan even displayed number 51 onscreen, though it is improbable that there was such an inscription.

A similar UFO was photographed by Billy Meier on May 16, 1971, near Barterhein, Switzerland.  The craft may have been captured by the US in the 1960s or 1970s.

Copyright 2003 by Der Voron.  Photos courtesy Der Voron.


Der Voron authored Unidentified Flying Objects: Starcraft. For info about Der Voron or to contact him click here.


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