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by Vanessa Cortez, staff reporter.  [January 25, 2002]





[]  Bizarre lights in the night sky tracked an American Airlines flight from New York to Los Angeles, says a keenly observant Weekly Universe photojournalist who flew aboard the endangered plane.

"It was hovering right outside my window," stated the reporter. "I considered alerting a stewardess, but feared causing a panic."

Instead, the seasoned ace reporter maintained professional calm, and took a series of startling, exclusive photos with his Weekly Universe issued digital camera.

"As I zoomed closer to record this bizarre UFO phenomenon, I saw it was no plane -- nor anything that was ever built on this planet!


"The UFO maintained its position, dipping and rising with the plane, but never moving ahead or falling behind. As if some strange alien being inside that mysterious flying object was watching -- maybe even photographing -- ME!

"It was all I could do to suppress the shaking in my hands long enough to take each photo."

For six tense hours, the weird alien lights tracked the American Airlines flight to Los Angeles.

"As we began our descent to LAX, I saw the jeweled lights of East L.A. glittering below. Yet above those bedroom communities -- home to so many of the Weekly Universe's hugely vast family of readers -- hovered those menacing lights!"

"Seeing our vastly huge family of readers below reminded me of my own family, back in Mosquito Bay, Florida. I pulled down the window screen and prayed for God to take care of them -- and He answered!

"We landed safely -- with only my photos as reminder of my terrifying ordeal!"

Amazingly, no Los Angeles officials, nor American Airlines, nor the US Air Force, have admitted to any UFO phenomena on that fearsome night.

The reporter is a 16-year veteran. He had sat on the plane's right side, in the rear economy section, roughly parallel to the wing tip.

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Vanessa Cortez is a Los Angeles based tabloid reporter who has investigated the occult underbelly of the entertainment industry. Read more about her journalism in Hollywood Witches.
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