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by Der Voron, guest columnist.  [March 14, 2003]


[]  For a period in the early 1990s in Russia (another country claiming to have organized (unmanned) flights to the moon), the moon hoax theory was openly discussed in mass media. But later, the discussions ended.


Perhaps because the Russian Airspace agency began collaboration with NASA, and the rules of diplomacy required silencing this subject.

I here affirm that so-called flights to the moon, by both Americans and Russians, were a hoax. Here is why:


*  No Water for Footprints


First, a photo of astronaut Armstrong's "footprint" near the lunar module was circulated worldwide -- but footprints can only form on ground when water is present. Without water, sand particles cannot "glue" together to form footprints. But there's no water on the moon, especially not near a jet engine that just stopped functioning (after landing).


*  Slow Walking Anomaly

Second, slow walking on the moon almost doesn't differ from slow walking on Earth. But lunar gravity is six times less than that of Earth. This means that astronauts would have to leap with every step on the moon.

*  Time Speed & Gravity


Third and main. Gravitation and time are linked, and time depends on gravitation: the more gravitation, the "faster" time, and vice versa. For example, on the sun, time "flows" about 30 times faster than on Earth. On Mars and the moon, time flows slower.

This means life processes are slower on the moon and Mars, which is deadly for organisms.  Gravitation is more or less appropriate for life processes only within 1,000 kilometers from Earth. At longer distances, gravitation decreases, time flows more slowly, and life processes slow down.

At the distance of 100,000 km from Earth, time flow will be so slow that life processes will almost stop. The moon is ca. 384,000 km from Earth -- and Mars is tens of millions kilometers distant.  Gravitation is very small at such distances -- and time almost doesn't "flow" there, thus not allowing normal life processes.

To fly to such distances, an antigravitation craft would be needed, with the special equipment that produces gravitation.


*  U.S. & Soviet Wheat Deals

Other indications that U.S. and Soviet moon flights were hoaxed: the strange 1972 agreement between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. about wheat supplies to the Soviets -- at prices twice lower than market prices, over 20 years.


Perhaps so the Soviets wouldn't show the world that U.S. moon flights were hoaxed. (And so the Soviets could fake their own "moon flights" to imply they had space capacities comparable to those of the U.S., without the fear of being unmasked by the U.S.)

I think the Soviets made a stupid (for themselves) mistake, when they agreed to this. In the 1960s, the Soviets excelled the U.S. in space, and NASA had to invent "moon flights" to get more Congressional money. Yes, the Soviets got cheaper wheat, and faked their own "moon flights". But perhaps it would have been better for the Soviets not to get cheap wheat, not to invent a similar story about moon flights, but instead to unmask NASA's moon hoax to deprive NASA of Congressional money.

Why couldn't the Soviets buy cheap wheat from India, and cheaper rice from China (rice and rice bread is not worse than wheat)?

Copyright 2003 by Der Voron.

Der Voron authored Unidentified Flying Objects: Starcraft. For info about Der Voron or to contact him click here.
Readers may also enjoy Bill Kaysing's We Never Went to the Moon. Published in 1981, Kaysing's book was the first to expose the whole "moon landing hoax" conspiracy!
Also read Big Jim and's shocking responses to Der Voron -- Apollo Moon Landings NOT a Hoax!






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