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by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor  [February 1, 2013]




[]  "I have seen hundreds of UFOs!" said Los Angeles resident Saffron Cockrell to the Weekly Universe in an exclusive interview. Yet sadly, despite repeated requests, no alien spacecraft has ever granted her permission to come aboard and fly.

"I saw my first UFOs in 1999, in Koreatown," said Cockrell. "I remember heading to the market with a group of people on a hot sunny day to get a popsicle. When we got back from the store we were standing, facing east, in front of Villa Serrano, on Serrano, between James Woods and 9th. I laid in the grass for some reason and gazed onto the sky. I saw nine objects."

Cockrell didn't take any photos or videos of the UFOs, but she offered this description: "If you look at a YouTube called "UFOs Over Bruce Springtein Concert," this is what I saw (see below). Out of about nine people, only two of us could see them. If you wear glasses, you can't see them without your glasses."




Among her hundreds of UFO sightings, one stands out. Said Cockrell, "The most amazing UFO I've ever seen looked like a huge Jellyfish floating in the sky. They're called organic UFOs. I've seen a YouTube video from Mexico showing the same object (see below). I was in my backyard in South Los Angeles, sky gazing. This was a couple of years ago."




Cockrell's most recent UFO sighting was "about two and a half months ago in Burbank. I was working as a caregiver. The woman I cared for had a friend stop by who claimed to be intuitive. She went on and on about how accurate she was. Then she started going on about UFOs. That caught my attention. I told her that I see them also.

"We talked about half an hour about our experiences, and she took her dog out into the yard. I was looking at her through the sliding-glass door, and I could see her gazing into the sky. I was a little annoyed by this lady 'cause she was so dramatic -- she's an actress!. She came back inside and told me to go stand where she was just standing and look up."

When Cockrell did so, she was astonished by what she saw! "There was an oblongish, orbish, bell-shaped object in the sky. We were both surprised!"

Not content wish merely seeing UFOs, Cockrell has actually asked these alien spacecraft to be let aboard. She did so telepathically. "I have asked to be abducted on several occasions. They read your thoughts. I thought about it. Or, I asked them with my thoughts."

Maybe someday Saffron Cockrell with get her wish! She may be contacted via email.

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