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by Der Voron, guest columnist.  [May 25, 2003]




Zetatalk suggests several methods to survive the coming catastrophic pole shift created by the arrival of Planet X, including the construction of oval-shaped buildings and refuges, and moving away from the coasts to avoid the coming giant tidal waves.

But I offer another possibility: alien assistance.

If extraterrestrial starcraft often visit your neighborhood (and if there are many "UFO" sightings, they likely do) then you might barter with the aliens in exchange for escaping in their starcraft  -- or at least traveling above Earth during the worst of the pole shift catastrophes.

But you need something to barter. What items are aliens interested in? You should offer something unique, or at least useful or interesting. Such items include sophisticated artifacts of human technology and work. Aliens also value rare Earth plants and animals.

Assuming aliens often visit your area, how might you contact them?

Past observations indicate that extraterrestrials understand human speech -- whether the aliens are inside or outside of their starships! We know this because there are cases in which starcraft have responded to human voice commands while flying by, shifting direction forward, back, up, down, etc, as requested by the human.

Should you be successful in establishing contact with extraterrestrials, I hope you will persuade them to help other humans during the pole shift and after it.

Copyright 2003 by Der Voron.


Der Voron authored Unidentified Flying Objects: Starcraft. For info about Der Voron or to contact him click here.


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