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by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor  [May 4, 2012]





[]  Ever since 1947's crash at Roswell, UFO activity has maintained a strong and steady pace in the Land of Enchantment, according to Preston Dennett, author of UFOs Over New Mexico. They're "definitely more active" in New Mexico than most other states," said Dennett to the Weekly Universe. "It's not in the top three most active states (e.g., California, Washington, Texas), but those states have a much larger population. Per person, New Mexico is very active.

"I can only speculate as to why. I think, as do many other researchers, that the atomic research in New Mexico is a magnet for UFO activity. Apparently, whoever is piloting these UFOs is interested in our research into atomics. The number of sightings in the Los Alamos area is staggeringly high.

"New Mexico is also a very rich mineral state. This might also be a strong factor."

After researching the Roswell event, Dennett is "convinced that an ET spacecraft -- with bodies -- crashed outside of Roswell. The most convincing evidence are the 300+ witnesses who have bravely stepped forward and revealed what they have seen. Intelligence officer Jesse Marcel was trained to identify aircraft. His testimony is most compelling. But there are soooo many others.

"Another telling bit of evidence is our government's reaction. They first vigorously denied that anything happened. At the same time, many witnesses claimed that their lives were physically threatened in order to maintain their silence.

"The Air Force changed its story several times, saying nothing happened, then saying it was a top secret mogul weather balloon with plastic dummies. Researchers were able to quickly discard that theory, as no dummies were sent aloft during that time period! The Air Force's explanation of the event is ludicrous.

"Another compelling witness is Colonel Philip Corso, who insists he was involved with the reverse engineering of the Roswell craft to create technology such as fiber optics, integrated circuit chips, night vision goggles, and more.

"The Roswell case is the single biggest UFO case ever. It is not going away. More information continues to be revealed about it. I hope that one day the government will be forced to reveal the truth, and we will all be able to visit the Roswell craft in a museum."

The most amazing UFO sighting in New Mexico, according to Dennett, is "the Farmington UFO display. On March 17, 1950, literally half the population of the small town viewed what appeared to be a fleet of UFOs for about two hours. No other case I can think of had hundreds of witnesses, watching hundreds of UFOs, for such a long time.



"The most impressive landing case is the landing at Socorro, as witnessed by [police officer] Lonnie Zamora on April 24, 1964. Zamora was an excellent witness. The case had independent witnesses unknown to Zamora. The craft left burns, landing indentations, and metal fragments -- all of which had unusual properties. The indentations indicated a very heavy object had landed there. The burns were so intense, they literally fused the glass in the soil. And the metal fragments, while made of known metals, was composed in unusual ratios.

"The most impressive New Mexico abduction is that of Sergeant Charles Moody outside of Holloman. On August 13, 1975, Moody (a flight mechanic) observed a UFO land in front of him. Largely human-looking occupants exited and took him aboard their craft. He was examined, told about the ETs and their visits, and was allowed to visit the engine room. While the experience was first shrouded in amnesia (what we now know as missing time), Moody naturally recalled what happened over the next few weeks, without hypnosis. The case is now considered a classic.

Apart from sightings, landings, and abductions, New Mexico abounds in bizarre and unexplained cattle mutilations. "The evidence is strong that UFOs are behind at least some of the mutilations," says Dennett. "However, there is also a strong government presence -- black helicopters without IDs or normal lights -- in many cases.



"I can only speculate, but based on the evidence, the technology being used is beyond what we currently have -- at least publicly. There are also witnesses who have seen mutilations taking place. So it's clear that UFOs (meaning ETs) are behind some of it. But the government (the military) is also involved in some way. It appears they are either allowing these mutilations to happen, or have an intense interest in them, due to the presence of so many black helicopters.

"The mutilations seem to be clustered geographically in areas that are most contaminated by atomic research. A possible theory is that ETs are studying how atomics have affected the genetics of our cattle.

"Mutilations have been exhaustively documented. There is little doubt that they are real and continuing to occur. Many ranchers have been financially devastated by the phenomenon."

With so many aliens flying about New Mexico, how does the Air Force -- which has many bases in the state -- handle sighting reports from concerned citizens? "In most cases (but not all) they will tell you (officially!) that they are not involved in UFO research," says Dennett. "They will refer you to various UFO organizations like MUFON or the UFO Reporting Center.



"However, I have spoken with many witnesses (and know of more cases) who said the Air Force sometimes showed strong interest in what they saw. One gentleman I interviewed called the Air Force about his sighting. They called him back and requested more info -- even though he had reported his sighting anonymously and had not provided his phone number! This was back before caller ID was widely available, though clearly the Air Force had it!

"Usually, the Air Force refuses to handle sighting reports -- though its interest in UFOs is demonstrable. It is easy to parade out a number of cases in which the Air Force has chased UFOs with their jets. Also, the Air Force often issues statements attempting to debunk UFO cases -- something that is still happening today, as evidenced by the Air Force's bungling of the case in Stephensville, Texas, or the Phoenix Lights in Arizona).

Dennett's book also covers the "Taos hum" -- a strange humming heard in the city of Taos -- for which there is no known explanation!

"The Taos hum is baffling," says Dennett. "There is no known explanation. It has been scientifically recorded. It is not a myth. Something is making this buzzing noise. It's been detected in many other areas, but Taos and its surrounding areas are the most active. That's also where it was first heard, or at least publicized.

"The two main theories are that it's some weird harmonic with natural seismic causes. I think more likely it is caused by underground bases -- whether human or alien.

"The evidence for underground bases is extensive. The military has many underground bases that are publicly known. Logically, there would be more bases that are classified. And the presence of alien bases is supported by multiple independent eyewitness testimonies. Active tunneling or machinery might be causing the hum. But honestly, I am mystified and have no way of knowing what causes it.



"The evidence for UFO reality is overwhelming and vast. People who are skeptical have not taken an honest and objective look at the evidence -- radar-return cases, landing trace cases, medical evidence cases, implant removal cases. UFOs are real. They are not going away. It appears the phenomenon is escalating. There is a demonstrable and active government coverup of evidence, though this has been a net failure.

"The future of UFO research and activity is volatile and could lead to great changes in humanity -- the way we live and view ourselves in the universe. I think open official contact and the end of the coverup is inevitable. It's not a question of if. It's a question of when.



After earning his BA, Preston Bennett worked as a bookkeeper for more than 25 years. He has written 16 books about UFOs, ghosts, and the paranormal, including UFOs Over New Mexico.

He can be reached through his website.

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