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by Thomas M. Sipos, LA Bureau Chief.  [July 21, 2002]




[]  True-life aliens do not look like this gray alien!  Even more shockingly, no one has any idea what true-life aliens look like -- because they have never landed on Earth! That's the astonishing bombshell admission made by a former high-level Air Force intelligence officer in an exclusive interview with the Weekly Universe!

"In almost five years as an agent, I never saw any evidence -- and I mean none -- that alien spacecraft exist, or that the government even thinks they do," stated Air Force Captain Hank Beckmann, Ret., during his exclusive interview.

"I was a special agent in the organization that would investigate such things," said Captain Beckmann, referring to his former bosses at the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI, aka OSI). "I applied to join OSI in no small part because I wanted to see for myself what the heck the whole UFO thing was really about. What I found out was that UFO groups are highly creative, not to mention relentless, in manufacturing official 'proof' of a government coverup. It's like a matter of religious faith for them.

"Almost everyone knows someone who says they have a friend or relative whose brother or cousin or neighbor is in Air Force intelligence, and confided that it's all real and there are regulations for dealing with them, and so on and so forth." But Captain Beckmann dismisses such rumors as urban legend. "There are doubtless regulations for dealing with unidentified flying objects -- which could be aircraft, balloons, debris or even birds. But that's a far cry from an admission that we are being visited by alien spacecraft.

"While many strange incidents have been reported over the years, a high percentage of them can almost certainly be chalked up to sightings of, or encounters with, experimental military aircraft. How many sightings by reputable, earnest Americans were actually of the B-2 or F-117 stealth aircraft before the public had any idea about them? How many other reports were of aircraft that are either still classified even as to their existence, or never made it past the experimental stage?"

The OSI is best known from being featured on TV's Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman series. But although its name was changed to Office of Scientific Intelligence, Captain Beckmann reminds that Steve Austin was an Air Force Colonel. "Richard Anderson, who played Oscar Goldman, was so intrigued when he found out there was a real OSI, he volunteered to do training videos for us -- which they took him up on!"

After leaving the Air Force, Captain Beckmann considered applying for "expert consultant" work on such Hollywood shows as The X-Files, Dark Skies, and Roswell. "But I figured I'd have to sell out, and go around talking about government coverups and such for it to work. Heck, I'd probably be in high demand on the UFO circuit, if not TV, if I just made stuff up. But I don't know how many people want to listen to someone whose message is: there's no 'there' there."

"I actually thought about using my training to investigate paranormal phenomena on the side, writing up full reports on each 'mystery.' I've always had a hunch I could solve some of them. I doubt many of even the most famous paranormal claims have been thoroughly investigated by an objective party. Many of the stories are often exaggerated, with accompanying statements likely distorted, and relevant evidence misinterpreted or overlooked. I can tell that just be seeing some of them being recounted in television pieces.

"The problem is, I'm not independently wealthy, and don't have gobs of free time on my hands. Plus, people hate debunkers, even when they are completely right. To be honest, I was thinking I wouldn't necessarily debunk anything, just thoroughly document it. Unfortunately, that would almost certainly end up being the same thing in the vast majority of cases."

Captain Beckmann currently resides in Texas under another name, where he works as an attorney and writes horror fiction.

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