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by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor.  [February 26, 2005]




[]  Two bizarrely flying UFOs -- emitting an eerie noise! -- flew over Edinburgh, Scotland, astonishing high schooler Jean B., 17, who rushed his astounding photo to the Weekly Universe!

Jean's amazing true-life experience began when he was gripped with a strange and sudden compulsion to gaze out his window. "One night last month, I just had a passion to look out the window, because I like looking at the stars," said Jean to the Universe in an exclusive interview. "I saw strange flying objects in the air!

"At first, I thought they might be a helicopter or airplane -- but then they jerked from one part of the sky to the other! They were moving really fast -- faster than average aircrafts! Like, in the speed of light!

"I am sure there were two objects," added Jean, supplementing his astonishing photo of the two UFOs with his startling eyewitness account. "The objects had 'glowy yellow lights.' They were sphere-shaped, like a ball. And they made an eerie sound!  A sort of whistling noise.

"I was so astonished, I had to watch! And I was excited, because all my life, I've always wanted to see a UFO. I wasn't scared at all."

Jean wasn't the only one who heard eerie noises that night. His account is verified by other residents of Edinburgh. "The next day, my friend asked me if I had heard a noise the night before," said Jean. "I told him about what I saw and heard.  He thinks it's amazing!"

"I still wonder what I saw. I am still looking for UFO's."

Which is why Jean reads the Weekly Universe! "I am a great fan of Weekly Universe!" said Jean. "I love the UFO columns!"

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