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Hillary Clinton Choose Bernie Sanders -- To Run Against Her!, by Marcus Rubyman  [September 7, 2017]

Alt Right Creating Fake ANTIFA Groups -- To Cancel Their Own Events!, by Marcus Rubyman  [May 17, 2017]

California Suffers Drought -- And Red China Is to Blame, by Mark Rubyman  [July 8, 2014]

Clothes Conspiracy: Crotch Holes Plague Pants -- So You'll Buy Another Pair, by Vanessa Cortez  [November 5, 2011]

FBI Spying on Presidential Candidates Through TV Sets -- As They Masturbate, by Marcus Rubyman  [October 10, 2011]

Feds, Banks Keep Interest Rates Low -- So You'll Buy Wall Street Junk, by Marcus Rubyman  [June 27, 2011]

Neocon Demons Possess Pentagon, a special report  [January 8, 2010]

Who's Watching You?, by Rich Deakin  [August 27, 2007]

Nicu Ceausescu is Alive, by Ana-Maria Ivan  [January 12, 2006]

Ceausescu's Plot to Breed Race of Commie Superdogs, by Thomas M. Sipos  [July 4, 1005]

Only the Mad Gullible Believe We Went to the Moon, by Steve  [April 7, 2005]

Cointelpro Psychic Spy Hypnotized by FBI, by David Alan Liddle [January 18, 2005]

US Captured Saddam's Double, by Der Voron  [December 14, 2003]

Hurricane X Isabel a Plot by Bush to Jump Start the Economy  [September 14, 2003]

Secret Hand Behind Terrorism is YOUR Own Government, from Paul Collins  [2003]

US Missile Defense Test Shot Down Columbia, by Kahn  [February 17, 2003]

Port Lockout Is a Cover for Govt Investigation of Weapons of Mass Destruction out at Sea, from  [October 5, 2002]

'The Matrix' Is Real: YOU Are Surrounded by Fake People, by Vanessa Cortez  [June 30, 2002]

Bigger Than Enron: Pork Conspiracy Set to Explode, by Patrick Patterson  [February 24, 2002]

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