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by Thomas M. Sipos, L.A. bureau chief.  [December 15, 2002]



[]  Humans were genetically engineered by aliens, says ufologist Der Voron, author of Unidentified Flying Objects: Starcraft, in an exclusive interview with Weekly Universe.

Voron built his astounding scientific theory on the lack of evidence linking Cro-Magnon man to still earlier forms on the evolutionary chain. This so-called "Missing Link" implies a jump in evolution that can only be explained by a miracle -- or by alien intervention!

As explained exclusively to the Weekly Universe, Der Voron says: "Scientists cannot find the 'Missing link' that links Cro-Magnon man [our own immediate ancestor] to earlier human forms -- yet they've found and continue finding the remains of many less advanced forms that existed long before Cro-Magnon."

According to evolutionary theory, early men evolved into the Missing Link, which evolved into Cro-Magnon man, which evolved into modern Homo Sapiens -- us! But for the theory to be valid, the Missing Link must have existed about the same time as the Neanderthal -- which means that Missing Link remains (tools, fossils and artwork) should be as common as Neanderthal remains. Yet while Neanderthal remains abound, the Missing Link remains ... missing!

Says Voron: "If scientists cannot find Missing Link remains, yet easily find Neanderthal remains -- it may be because the Missing Link never existed! And that Cro-Magnons -- modern man's ancestors -- were genetically engineered!"

But by whom?

Voron sees only one possible answer: "By certain intelligent beings -- of extraterrestrial origin!"

Voron dismisses notions that these genetic engineers were from an ancient -- but technologically advanced -- terrestrial civilization, because no remains from such a civilization have been found. "Unless we assume that intelligent octopuses or dolphins could have created a civilization and engineered an intelligent primate."

Voron scoffs at the simplistic either/or debate between Creationism (intelligent design) and Evolution (chance or random occurrence). He thinks the universe is big enough for both theories to be partially true -- and other theories too!

Explains Voron: "I don't think that today's level of science can yet solve the puzzle of the origins of the entire universe, but perhaps the problem of our origins can be discussed in the following way:

"Calculations show that the chance emergence of life, and moreover of intelligent life, is very low. It's more likely that a hurricane can compose a new Boeing aircraft from the fragments of a broken one lying on the ground. But because the Universe is giant -- infinite! -- this chance did occur, and then life, and then intelligent life, emerged.

"This intelligent life created a civilization -- that we can call God -- which then engineered life and intelligent life in other star systems. In doing so, they may have established bases in these star systems similar to the giant cylinder-shaped flying saucers that are sometimes observed from Earth -- and that are theorized to be mother ships (i.e. alien bases), due to their large sizes and observations of other saucers departing from them. And maybe this alien civilization not only created life and mother ships, but star systems, planets, quasars, and...?"

Sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke famously stated that, to a sufficiently primitive people, a high-tech civilization will look like magic. Likewise, Voron's amazing conclusions combine evolutionary theory, creationism, and ancient aliens whom our primitive ancestors may have called God!

"The key point is that the Universe is not only endless," says Voron, "but eternal -- and this means that this creation/evolutionary process may have occurred innumerable times, in innumerable variations."

Der Voron authored Unidentified Flying Objects: Starcraft. For his contact info click here.

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