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by Kenneth Behrendt, guest columnist.  [April 8, 2003]




This incident happened in late July of l961 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. I was 10 years old at the time.

Since I was on summer vacation, I was up late and sitting on the front porch of one of the two houses on the property (I lived in the back house, but often sat on the open front porch of the front house). I was sitting with a group of about eight people which included my mother and several of the family members of the people who owned the property. I was at one end of the porch which was about 20 feet in length by about 6 feet wide.

The sun had set about an hour earlier and it was about 9:45 when this incident occurred. We sat in a darkness that was faintly illuminated by a nearby mercury vapor street lamp.

People were quietly talking when a brightly glowing object suddenly swooped down out of the sky and flew through the porch! This object was small, perhaps only about 6 inches in width. It had a bright greenish-yellow glow that momentarily lit up most of the porch. It was silent and performed a precise dive down to the porch flying through the wooden porch support posts (which held up an enclosed porch on the second floor) and then veered upward to leave the porch and disappear into the night sky. The entire duration of the incident was probably less than a second!

As soon as it occurred everybody froze as if in shock and not a word was said for over a minute, then someone said "What the hell was that!" There was some discussion of the incident then, but no one could figure out what had happened.

I, however, had a different perspective of the incident than the others sitting on the porch. When the object completed its brief dive and began to angle up for its ascent, it was, for a moment, only a few feet away from ME and pointing directly at my face!  For a brief fraction of a second, it was in perfect alignment with my eyes and I got a glimpse of it that was actually a kind of after image left on my retinas due to its brightness -- kind of like the 'image' one sees of the flash from a camera after one's picture is taken.

The object I saw had an oval central body a few inches in length. On each side of this there were small wings. Each wing had several (2 or 3) ridges that ran from the leading edge to the trailing edge. The object had a bright greenish-yellow glow that seemed to issue from its surface.

Over the years I have discussed this incident with a few people and have gotten a some theories as to what it could have been. No one can dismiss it was a hallucination or dream because there were too many witnesses. One person said that, since it was July, maybe some prankster had fired off some leftover fireworks and a piece of them flew past us. Another person (a teacher) said it could have been a bat covered with bioluminescent fungi. Someone else thought it could have been some form of ball lightning.

I, of course, have dismissed all of these theories. The object we encountered that night had structural details to it and appeared to be undergoing controlled flight. If it was a bat, then it was the first and last one I have ever seen.

Obviously, I do not believe something so small could contain a crew -- it was probably some sort of miniaturized probe meant to observe ground objects up close. It is interesting to note that the object entered the porch and swept toward the end where I was sitting and that I was the only person sitting at that end of the porch! The adults were all sitting at the other end nearer to the steps leading up to the porch from the sidewalk.

I have always had the uncanny feeling that this object purposely flew by me and aligned itself with my face so that it could somehow record an image of me! I was the only child on the porch at that time -- perhaps whoever (or whatever) controlled that object decided to obtain an image of an earth child for some extraterrestrial database! The speed and small size of such an object would help contribute to the confusion that would follow in its use.

The above theory I have proposed would not have made much sense at the time of the incident. Today, however, we know that the military in this country is spending much money in an effort to develop miniaturized, unmanned reconnaissance drones that can fly at low altitude and detect the locations of enemy troops and equipment. Efforts are being made to build devices so small that they could be mistaken for insects! They would be remotely controlled via radio signals and would relay real time video images back to their operators.

I believe from my personal experience that such devices have been in long use by the operators of the genuine UFO's which occasionally visit our planet. They would allow close up observations to be made while minimizing the panic that might be created if a larger craft was employed.

I can not honestly say my experience frightened me because it was over before I could react. I and the other people there that night were merely left with a lifelong sense that something very unusual had happened.

To my knowledge, this incident was never reported to the authorities and I believe that this is the first time it has ever been written about.

Copyright 2003 by Kenneth Behrendt.


Kenneth Behrendt is the author of The Physics of the Paranormal, which he discusses in a Weekly Universe exclusive interview.







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