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Homeless Black Man Spotted at Starbucks -- In the Nude!, by Mimi Brickmeyer  [October 4, 2018]

Rich Liberals Politicize Halloween Lawn Displays -- To Attack Trump!, by Vanessa Cortez  [November 7, 2017]

Hipster Douche Invades Starbucks with Two Computer Monitors -- The Size of a Windshield!, by Mimi Brickmeyer  [May 26, 2017]

U.S. Military Full of Crybaby Women Soldiers -- And They're Officers!, by Marcus Rubyman  [December 8, 2016]

85% of Seattle Food Service Workers Hooked on Meth, by Marcus Rubyman  [June 5, 2015]

How to Succeed as a Sugar Baby or Trophy Wife, by Vanessa Cortez  [June 5, 2013]

How to Make Money in Soft Tissue Injury, by Anonymous  [April 18, 2012]

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Champions Bestiality Rights, by Marcus Rubyman  [November 15, 2011]

Racial Divide Too Great for Tree Couple -- Baby Palm Adopted by Nearby Relative, by Vanessa Cortez  [October 20, 2011]

Trapped Under a Shower of Cat Shit, by Feo Amante  [June 26, 2009]

Trees in Love! -- Arbor Adore Overcomes Racial Divide, by Vanessa Cortez  [May 10, 2007]

My Cat Talks to Me -- And Saved My Life, by Thomas M. Sipos  [October 12, 2006]

Ceausescu's Plot to Breed Race of Commie Superdogs, by Thomas M. Sipos  [July 4, 1005]

Theater of Bloody Horror, by Vanessa Cortez  [October 24, 2003]

Before Hitler Invaded Poland -- Poland Invaded Czechoslovakia, by Vanessa Cortez  [June 8, 2003]

Christmas: The Holiday That Dare Not Speak Its Name, by Cameron Cortez  [December 20, 2002]

Libertarian Candidate Gary Copeland: I Am the Tear on Your Cheek, I Am Druid, by Marcus Rubyman  [October 28, 2002]

Doggy Poops -- Doggy Dies!, by Mimi Brickmeyer  [February 10, 2002]

Tale of a 9-11 Miracle -- Steel Melts! Fruitcake Unharmed!, by Marcus Rubyman  [December 27, 2001]

Pissed Snowman Clubs 'Bladder Boy' to Death, by Vanessa Cortez  [December 16, 2001]

Fabulous Baby! Austin Gets Bert. Osama: Bert Out, Dr. Evil In, by Vanessa Cortez  [December 3, 2001]

Heart-Rending Thanksgiving Tragedy! Super-Turkeys' Feathery Death Rage on Homeless Shelter, by Vanessa Cortez  [November 19, 2001]

Oldest U.S. Vet, 118 -- Bumleg, Blind, Broke: I'm the Luckiest Man in the World!, by Vanessa Cortez  [November 12, 2001]

A Pact Forged in Hell: Our Exclusive Interview With Bert -- From Osama's Afghan Cave, by Vanessa Cortez  [November 5, 2001]

World's Hugest Flag -- Weekly Universe Fights Sicko Terrorists by Unfurling 'Space Flag', by Vanessa Cortez  [October 29, 2001]

Lawyer Sues Self, Collects Millions -- And YOU Pay for It, by Marcus Rubyman  [October 15, 2001]

The Startling Myths -- And Facts! -- About Christopher Columbus, by Vanessa Cortez  [October 8, 2001]

World Trade Center Terrorists to Spend Eternity With 10,000 Eternal Virgins!, by Vanessa Cortez  [October 1, 2001]

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