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by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor.  [June 2, 2006]




[]  Evil UFOs are spying on a Mississippi woman -- and she's got the photos to prove it -- in her new book, They Hover Above Us!

"I've seen these craft since I was thirteen years old," said Venda (who prefers to keep her last name anonymous) to the Weekly Universe. "I started taking pictures of them last year. Some come down low for me to take a picture, and some stay up high so I cannot take their picture."


Venda took the above photo (enhanced on right) in Tupela, Mississippi. "I've thousands of photos, and even video of their space craft," she said. "Photos from Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Little Rock, Tupelo, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and several other towns in these states. You can even see building structures and openings on these crafts."

Luckily, Venda can communicate with these UFOs -- telepathically! "I always let them know when I have the camera and let them decide if they want their ship to be in a photo," she told the Universe. "They understand me by reading my mind. They are very sharp.

"I could get them to land and take me inside their craft -- but I've never done so because it's hard to tell the good ones from the bad when they're hovering. I've had many dealings with the evil ones, and they have spied on me for years. They kept sending more and more, but I always knew when they would come. God has sent his angels many times to protect me from these evil ones. Between the good Lord and a loaded shotgun I have remained safe."

That's why Venda refuses to teach others her telepathic powers. "There's more to it than just speaking with the mind. They cannot read your thoughts unless they are low and close to you. But I'm concerned about letting others know how to talk to these beings because some are very evil. And if one cannot discern an evil human being, how can they discern between these alien beings?

"The last thing we need is for a bunch of people to invite them. I'd just hate for some nut case to invite an evil being down. Their life would be in danger. I know. I've dealt with them, and they are as evil as their father, Satan.

"Several evil ones have come to me. Some are short, and used to peep in my windows. Then there are those who are about eight feet tall. Then there are the most evil; they have higher authority and are winged and about ten to eleven feet tall. I cannot answer why they were trying to abduct me, but I know they were."

Venda says these evil ones have broken God's universal laws. "It is evil to try and control another person. It is evil to try and put others in a trance. They tried this with me -- but God stopped them! They leave me alone now. But they still hover above."



Venda took the above photo (enhancement on right) at two a.m. in Katy, Texas. "The reason for the white halo-looking circle is because they turned their top lights on," she said. "The Texas sky is full of these space craft. No matter where I go, I see them. I've had them follow me as far as 300 miles.

"Most people think they are stars, but they are not. Our government and NASA have deceived us about these UFOs. I really don't like calling them UFOs. I know who they are and what some will do -- it is called deception. The evil ones will help bring about great deception to mankind."

Although Venda will not teach her telepathic technique, she willingly shares her findings. "They walk upon the earth mostly when the moon is bright. Bright lights hurt their eyes. They hate cedar trees. The huge ones with wings smell like rotten eggs. The others smell like burning rubber or burnt electric wires.

"They can walk through walls. Their space craft smells like sulfur and puts off great heat. They hover close to stars to make you think they are stars. They must continue to move or they would fall out of the sky. When they hover, they have a wobble motion. There are many different types of craft, because there are many different beings. Many beings live in these ships, and I believe some ships have three levels. Some make a humming noise, and some make no sound at all.

"They need a water supply. There are smaller craft inside these starships, and they go in and out of them. I saw one drop out of one, and it moved so fast I could not keep up with it to take a photo.

"There is good and evil among them just like among mankind. The good ones have helped me understand more, and they show me things. I cannot share this information because it'd be like breaking a trust. These things are private, and I respect them."

Yet this trust is not entirely one-sided. While Venda has learned from the Good Ones, she's also given back to them. "I share the word of God with them. They love hearing it. Many do not know the word that God sent to mankind, and they love me sharing His words with them.

"The evil one's hate it, and they let me know this. Does that stop me? No! My advice to all is to seek their creator."

Without breaking her trust, Venda believes it's time to expose some basic truths. "I've never shared my story with anyone but close friends and family, but it's time for mankind to realize we are being watched by beings far more intelligent than us, and to choose whom they will serve. One either upholds God's righteousness, or they will be deceived by the evil ones.

"These flying saucers are written about in God's word," Venda added. "The first chapter of Ezekiel describes their craft very well. Many of the ones I've seen have that polished brass look to them."

Venda is ready to prove her claims to anyone willing to meet with her. "I will have no problem getting the UFOs to come, as long as they do not feel threatened by so much attention. I've tried to get American UFO researchers to meet with me. Some question my photos. I'm not having that problem with Spanish, Swedish, or English research centers. Only in America, there seems to be doubters -- yet none will let me prove them wrong. It seems they're afraid to see the truth.

"I know this sounds crazy, but my family and many friends have shared these experiences with me."


More of Venda's UFO photos can be found in They Hover Above Us. She can be contacted at: She declines submitting a photo of herself "because I must protect myself and my family."

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