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by Marcus Rubyman, staff writer  [June 5, 2015]






[]  Seattle is suffocating in meth smoke -- and drug-crazed methheads are flooding the food services, real estate, and retail industries!

Meth is everywhere in Seattle! It's killing the water supply -- not to mention the people!

That's the shocking eyewitness report of a longtime Seattlite who posted his first-hand news account on the City Data website.

According to his testimony:


There is a huge meth problem in Seattle, especially in apartments and rental homes.

It's pretty bad everywhere. People will deny this, but it's all true. If you know what to look for, you'll find it's just about everywhere, with some areas thicker with it than others.

I think the economy is to blame.

This city seems to consist of many service level jobs that pay very little on the low-end, fewer mid-tier jobs that pay well, and just a handful of high paying positions at the top. It's enticed people into illegal drug manufacture to stay afloat and/or as a way to bring in supplemental income to allow them to pursue higher levels of consumerism, to not feel like a failure in life.

The incoming Latino class bringing in raw materials for said production doesn't help, either.

Beware of apartment buildings and rental homes, specifically the staff. Property managers are the worst. Many buildings, especially the newer ones, are money-laundering drug fronts. If you don't believe me, educate yourself on the odors associated with production. Tour as many apartment buildings and rental homes as you can. Your jaw will drop. It's almost all of them!


I'm not crazy. I'm not a troll spewing conspiracy theories. I know what I'm talking about. This is really happening here. Open your eyes. Either you have no clue about smells or behaviors around you (look for bad smells, wide black eyes or glassy blues, and staccato speech), or you're gas-lighting because I'm describing you!

From what I've experienced, I'd say 85% of the food service folks are hooked, almost all apartment managers and staff are hooked, and 60% of retail workers. It's being produced in housing, restaurants, stores, cafes, pharmacies, and hotels during and after business hours.

Patrons are just expected to put up with it like secondhand smoke in the '70s. It's killing people and the housing and water supplies!


This anonymous Seattlite reporter goes by the handle KM5000. Read his startling full report at





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