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by Marcus Rubyman, staff writer  [November 15, 2011]




[]  If you love your dog, cat, or barnyard animal -- in that very special way! -- and have been feeling blue because of all the people casting judgment upon you -- then cheer up!

The 2012 presidential ballot may well have a candidate that champions your 'pet' concerns!

Carl Person, a contender for the Libertarian Party's 2012 presidential nomination, believes that bestiality is a victimless crime -- and should be legalized!

The Liberty Lion website reports that Person -- a Harvard Law School graduate and intellectual property attorney in New York City, wants to "legalize victimless crimes."

As Person explained it:


"The victimless crimes are prostitution, bestiality, sodomy, drugs, abortion, and the principles are that we shouldn't be regulating what people do to themselves, and the cost of the regulation should be saved and returned to taxpayers, to reduce taxes, and enable the economy to grow with commerce instead of with prisoners, private jails and private jail guards....

"When I mentioned 'bestiality' I was referring to animals, not humans.

"Bestiality as a victimless crime would center on two elements: 1. 'property rights' -- limiting the practice to one's own animals or with wild animals (not owned by anyone) and 2. 'consent' and/or 'non-injury' -- if the animal is willing and is not injured in the process.

"If the animal is already dead, the victimless crime would become a variant of necromancy, and have to be analyzed in a similar fashion. [Person probably meant necrophilia rather than necromancy.]

"I'm not a practitioner or advocate of bestiality and am only trying to apply Libertarian principles to a seldom discussed victimless crime."

Some libertarians have already jumped in to laud Person's stand. Liberty Lion reports that Dallwyn Merck, Secretary for the Libertarian Party of Queens County, responded by saying:

"I applaud Carl Person for speaking up on this controversial issue and for setting forth a philosophical framework to enable us to analyze when and under what circumstances bestiality should be made legal....

"Engaging in bestiality is currently considered a very serious crime in almost all states. The first person executed in what is now the geographic area known as the United States was Thomas Granger, a 16-year old boy living in Plymouth Colony, who was hung on September 8, 1642 after confessing to 'buggery with a mare, a cowe, two goats, divers sheepe, two calves, and a turkey.'

"Bestiality is far more common than most people realize. After conducting 6,000 interviews with participants on their sexual histories, Alfred Kinsey published his findings in 1953, which included the result that 8% of men and 4% of women reported having a sexual experience with an animal at some point in their lives, and 8% of men brought themselves to organism with an animal.

"In Morton Hunt's study (1974), it was reported that 4.9% of men brought themselves to orgasm with animal contact. Male sexual contact was more common among rural farm dwellers than urban men. Intercourse was the most common sexual activity, usually with animals such as calves, sheep, and burros.

"Since taboos against human-animal contact have been the norm for centuries, the criminal law has resulted in the arrest and stigmatization of those who have found pleasure while in contact with certain farm animals. Whether it be the shepherd with his sheep or the farm boy with a baby calf, human–animal contact has been going on for thousands of years.

"Carl Person has brought this issue out into the open and has started a discussion on the topic. He has done a great service to this nation by addressing this issue head on."

Despite Person's boldly libertarian stand on bestiality, he is by no means a shoe-in for the Libertarian Party's 2012 presidential nomination. Person must still defeat a bevy of attractive libertarian contenders, including conspiracy investigator and masturbator Robert W. Milnes.


The brainy Harvard-educated Person's published books include The Save-By-Borrowing Techniques: Building Your Fortune, From Loan to Profit. He has a campaign website and a Facebook page.

Marcus Rubyman is a Los Angeles based tabloid reporter who investigates UFOs and the paranormal. Read more of his journalism in Hollywood Witches.






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