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by Mark Rubyman, staff writer  [July 8, 2014]






[]  Drought-stricken California has suffered abnormally low rainfall for the second year in a row -- and the Red Chinese are to blame!

That's the astounding revelation revealed by a mystery man known only as "Blert" on a California housing blog site.

According to the mysterious Blert:


As for the drought: This is entirely due to Red China’s massive soot emissions.

They are causing epic snowfalls in Alaska and the Yukon. Up north that’s all that the natives can talk about. You would call it premature precipitation.

That snow should've fallen as rain over the Sierras and Cascades. That the epic snowfalls up north are NOT correlated to the horrific droughts in California -- it's what you’d expect from the Green movement.

The Red Chinese soot is not only blacking out Beijing -- it's screwing up the Arctic ice cap.

1) Each Summer the soot causes a fantastic melt tempo. The soot has changed the darkness of the snow and ice.

2) Each Winter the soot causes a fantastic snowfall that regrows the ice cap at astonishing speed.

So each side of the Al Gore religious debate has supporting evidences -- growing and shrinking with the seasons.

This soot trend first hit its stride in the mid-eighties -- exactly on cue from Beijing.

That the melting glaciers are absolutely filthy with soot particles goes unremarked by the Greens. Even their opponents don’t make the connection.

Famously, 60 Minutes did an expose about a melting glacier in Patagonia. Right in the background the footage captured a fuming volcano emitting mega tons of ash. The glacier was visibly brown. The connection went un-noted. Idiots.

Until Red China cuts down on her air pollution, the rest of the northern hemisphere is going to have truly weird weather.


You can read Blert's entire post -- and other posts from this astonishing Mystery Man -- at Doctor Housing Bubble.


Mary Rubyman is an investigative reporter specializing in conspiracies and UFOs. Read about his adventures in in Hollywood Witches!








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