Port Lockout Is a Cover for Govt Investigation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Out at Sea

Report curtsey of Securitate.org, [October 5, 2002]

[WeeklyUniverse.com]  The west coast port lockout is not a labor dispute, but cover for an offshore FBI hunt for weapons of mass destruction.

    The FBI, with assistance from five Russian security personnel, is stopping and boarding ships off the U.S. coast in a search for incoming weapons of mass destruction.

    The "labor dispute" is a cover to prevent widespread panic in west coast cities, which may result if the nature of these weapons, and their likelihood of entry into the U.S., became widely known.

    The government will release details when the danger is over.

    This information was reported by "Bob", an otherwise anonymous caller to the Lee Klein Show on KFI 640 AM on Saturday, October 5, 2002, at approximately 11:26 p.m.  "Bob" claimed to be a former U.S. government employee who received his information from a current U.S. government employee.

    Three possibilities emerge: (1) "Bob" is accurate; (2) "Bob" is a crank caller; or (3) "Bob" is a disinformation agent of the U.S. government, or of some other foreign or domestic entity.

Copyright 2002 by Securitate.org.

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