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..Conspiracy Watch...Conspiracy Watch...Conspiracy Watch...


by David Alan Liddle, [January 18, 2005]




[]  I was used by military intelligence and the FBI as a Cointelpro political action agent in the 1970s. Of course they deny everything by inaction. The people I was spying on sent a hitman after me.

If the FBI was willing to investigate it, I might qualify for the witness protection program.  In any case, they should pay mr damages for using me. I'd like YOUR readers to try and get Military Intelligence records on my case to help break the stonewalling.

I am having a huge disagreement with the government. To them, it's a huge job exposing organized crime, and if one witness happens to get protected status, that's just a small uninteresting footnote.

So I have the same attitude. Getting protected witness status is enormously important, and if I happen to expose the gigantic crime network, that's just as uninteresting to me.

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I was Erica Jen's childhood lover and I have a lifelong telepathic relationship with her. I was also hypnotized secretly on LSD by the FBI in 1971 and used as a political influence agent. This caused a nervous breakdown and I spent 25 years on the street. My memory has been returning, and I want to expose them for this. 

I think there are files on this in military intelligence. I think Congress should be able to get the files on abused agents, which are hidden by the Pentagon, so this could be a way to test the administration of the new national agency's access via congress. 

The organized criminals I was to spy on sent a hitman after me and my girlfriend; this hitman said he had dirt on the FBI so they wouldn't investigate him. I assume he was correct, so I too want to get into the witness program. 

I am speaking in favor of the initiative to implement a secure Social Security ID card. The end of tax cheating would solve the government overspending crisis; but I've my own reason for being in favor. 

Blacklisted by organized crime and without a job, I need priority over the illegals to get a desirable job in the services industry. My friends won't give me another computer job, and as I am an LSD hypnosis victim in an intelligence war, I can collect social security indefinitely. So I need to talk to the president. If he puts some political weight behind a priority system for jobs in immigration, I can put some of my weight behind social security privatization.

My family has lots power, and I'm using the backlash against racially motivated organized crime to run an independent telepathically connected political line.

You'd be amazed to learn how powerful the combination of computers and telepathic political action really is -- the future speaks today.

I'm sort of a hero among the telepathic girls, who aren't getting the respect they deserve in public debate, due to the secrecy necessary in CIA type political [psychic] actions. Some of my political girlfriends include: Frances Young; Karen Giroux Wilson; Becky Jean Liddle; Gwen Herr Glasser; Margret Minsky; Lori Hoffer; Amy Tighe; my ex-wife Lark Elaine Turner; and my childhood lover Erica Jen.

I am applying to become a protected witness. 

In 1952, the government set up at the University of Chicago an experimental program to develop genius children as scientists for the future. My father, a bisexual child psychologist there, promoted me as one of the experimental children. It took half my life to reject his advances and his sexual use of my wife and girlfriends.

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Meanwhile, I was recruited at the Stevens Institute to be an undercover agent linked to activist NSA former agents. They moved me to MIT physics to expose a spy ring there. I was made out, and the investigation targets tried to discredit me. They enlisted the FBI to inject me with LSD and hypnotized me, and make an example of an informer (along with some communists).

This was at 2 p.m. on the last Tuesday of July, 1971. The agents who hypnotized me said that any hope of becoming a protected witness in the kind of investigation I was doing was "wishful thinking". 

The timing was non-coincidentally linked to my discovery of a dead body near the Boston University boathouse earlier that month. This had been an espionage related crime intended to flush out counterintelligence agents who would try to solve the crime.

After a complete nervous breakdown, I escaped to the west coast in 1980, and hid for five years on the Berkeley campus, where I reconnected with my wife, Lark Elaine Turner. I only remembered being hypnotized in August 1982, and I only remembered discovering the body when the "perpetrator" was released from prison. The news contained obvious lies as to the circumstances of the murder in 1985.

I didn't let any records of my whereabouts show till I applied for Social Security income in 1985 October. There was a "hitman" after me, or that's what he said he was.  James R--. I'd been told by friends and lovers that I was to be a witness who is protected unofficially, and I believed them and planned accordingly

Over the past 33 years, I've done many telepathy experiments with encrypted binary, enlisting my various genius girlfriends in a counterintelligence capacity, the most famous of whom is Erica Jen. She, my wife, and I are three of the world's acknowledged experts in the political use of coded telepathic communications.

There's a dirty war in this area, and it often involves organized crime methods.

The government is not taking its responsibility seriously in ignoring telepathic information, and I hope the marshals can put me to work in that area. Some day there's going to be a reckoning with the telepathic scientists, who are already more powerful than any government. All the tragic pain in my life was caused by people trying to hurt Erica in some way because of her political power in the sciences.

David Alan Liddle seeks YOUR help!  Weekly Universe readers who can help Liddle enter a federal witness protection program can contact him at: David Alan Liddle.

Copyright 2005 by David Alan Liddle

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