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by Patrick Patterson, New York correspondent.  [February 24, 2002]




[]  In what threatens to explode into the political scandal of the 21st century, trash cans promoting a fat cat politico have mysteriously materialized all throughout Queens, NY -- and YOUR tax dollars probably paid for them!

The mystery cans all carry free advertising for New York State Senator Daniel Hevesi, son of ex-NYC Comptroller Alan Hevesi who tanked early on in trying to succeed Rudy Giuliani as Big Apple mayor.



Mysteriously, the trash cans not only advertise fat cat pol Hevesi -- they also tie him to what sound suspiciously like front operations for shadowy groups such as the "Rego Park Merchants Association."

Even more mysteriously -- the cans are magnets for underworld-looking types.

In this long-range satellite photo, an unidentified man approaches a Hevesi trash can wearing a Greek sailor's cap -- such as those worn by trans- oceanic smugglers!

In another satellite photo [obtained exclusively by the Weekly Universe SpyBird(tm)] a suspicious looking man is caught rendezvousing with a Hevesi trash can -- while wearing a trench coat and carrying a folder!

International spies are known for wearing trench coats -- and often carry folders containing top secret, eyes-only classified documents!

More shadowy underworld types monitor this Hevesi can.  The woman's mouth is open -- but who is she talking to?  A microphone?

Also, she wears a hood.


To hide her face -- or to show gangsta affiliation?

And who is the mystery man observing her from behind the bush?

A limousine type car idles beside yet another Hevesi trash can -- while garbage bags are piled nearby!

Mafiosi are known to have ties to garbage collection, drive limousines, and live in Queens.

But even more shockingly, the car is parked across the street from a bank!

But most shocking of all -- this Hevesi can promotes a different shadow group's name, that of...

"The Austin Continental & United Merchants Group!"


Even more ominous, right beside the limousine type car, and garbage pile, and bank, and Hevesi trash can, loiters a suspicious looking man -- in a black leather jacket!

Many dangerous criminals wear black leather jackets.

Another suspicious looking man passes yet another a Hevesi can while wearing a black leather jacket!

Even more shocking, his muscular head is shaven -- a hair style popular with English skinhead gangs.

But most shocking of all -- this trash can is designed in a different style from those above!


But still more shocking, on the other side of the can it says...

"Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce." 

Again, why?

These questions won't go away. 

The deeper our crack team of Weekly Universe correspondents probed this explosive scandal, the more questions emerged.

What smoke-filled backroom pork-barrel dealings tie this New York fat cat politico to these "business" groups?

Who paid for these trash cans' Hevesi promos?  Is YOUR tax money being used to promote an incumbent politico?  Or did these "merchant groups" pay for these Hevesi promos -- in exchange for ... ?

Are other fat cat politicos doing the same across the nation -- how widespread is this scandal?  How much bigger than Enron?

And why are so many unidentified people walking past these cans?

Last month, our sister publication, the Hollywood Investigator, emailed the office of Daniel Hevesi, asking about the number of cans, their cost, and who paid for them.

Shockingly, the e-mail went unanswered!

Copyright 2002 by

Patrick Patterson is a Los Angeles based paparazzi. When he's not photographing celebrities, he conducts high-level investigative journalism in New York. Read more about his work in Hollywood Witches.
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