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by Marcus Rubyman, staff reporter  [June 27, 2011]




[]  What with all the Wall Street bailouts, over-generous government pensions, domestic spying, and endless wars in the Middle East, the U.S. Federal Reserve has been printing and pumping trillions of new dollars into the economy.

Printing money creates inflation (because the dollar supply is inflated)! Americans are already suffering massive inflation now -- but you can expect double digit inflation in the near future!

But the good news is, inflation means higher interest rates paid for your CDs, Treasury Bonds, and Savings and Checking accounts! More dollars in the economy means each dollar is worth less, so prices -- and interest rates! -- increase, to reflect the weakening dollar. So when you put money in the bank, you'll be able to keep up with inflation. Right?


YOU may be paying higher prices at the gas pump -- and at the grocery store, and everywhere else! -- but interest rates paid TO YOU by Treasury Bonds and your local bank remain low!

That is not how economies naturally work! If the money supply and prices increase, so do interest rates paid TO YOU -- UNLESS somebody is manipulating interest rates!

WHO?!  And for WHAT sinister reason?!

As always ... follow the money!

Interest rates are set by the U.S. Federal Reserve -- a "quasi-governmental" organization that is actually owned by the banks! And thanks to the 1980s/1990s financial deregulations -- the banks and Wall Street investment firms now own each other!

Why would They (the co-owned Federal Reserve, banks, and Wall Street firms) want to keep interest rates down?

Because Americans don't trust Wall Street and won't buy their stocks -- unless Americans have nowhere else to invest!

After the 1990s dot-com bubble crash and last decade's real estate bubble crash, the derivatives scandals and Bernie Madoff's ponzi scheme, Americans realized the stock market is a sucker game. It's played by sleazy, lying insiders who'll risk, lose, or steal YOUR savings dollars -- AND destroy the economy while they're at it! -- and then raise YOUR taxes to pay themselves bonuses for destroying that economy!

Of course Americans no longer want to invest in Wall Street! They want to play it safe and invest in CDs, Treasury Bonds, and savings accounts.

So They (the co-owned Federal Reserve, banks, and Wall Street) -- are keeping interest rates artificially low, to make savings a sure-fire way to lose money. Put your money in the bank, and watch inflation destroy your savings (thanks to all that money the Federal Reserve is printing).

The only chances Americans have of protecting their savings from inflation is gamble on real estate, stocks, or bonds. The banks will sell you some foreclosed property that nobody wants for the asking price (because it will be worth even less a year from now). Or Wall Street will sell you some sleazy stocks or soon-to-default into bankruptcy corporate or government bonds.

No sane person will buy a lotto ticket on the banks/ Wall Street's crappy "investments" -- but if the only other choice is watching inflation destroy your savings in an "artificially low interest rate" bank account -- then you may as well gamble on the crappy investment -- as with any lotto ticket, you might win...

Another reason They are keeping interest rates artificially low is so you'll spend rather than save. Spend and borrow so you can buy more consumer crap from China. More retail spending will "stimulate" the economy. An artificial stimulation, because goods made in China do nothing to create jobs in the U.S. All it will do is eat up your savings and plunge you into debt.

Wall Street doesn't care -- they're investing YOUR bailout money in China, hiring sweatshop labor to undercut U.S. workers whose ponzi scheme houses are being foreclosed on.

For decades, Americans were told to save money. Save for a rainy day, save for your health care, save for your kids' college, save for a house, save for old age.

Now They (the Feds, banks, and Wall Street) are making it useless to save, because They won't pay fair interest rates -- interest rates that honestly reflect the weakening dollar and rising prices.

Why should the banks pay you high interest rates to hold your money -- when they can instead force you to gamble on their crappy investments or crappy slave labor goods from China -- creating more short term "investment bubbles" -- and longterm financial hardships once the bubble bursts!


Marcus Rubyman is a Los Angeles based tabloid reporter who investigates conspiracies, UFOs, the paranormal.  Read more of his journalism in Hollywood Witches.
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