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by Rhiannon.  [July 8, 2007]




[]  I have been the black sheep of the family -- a title I still hold today, with much honor.

Born to two wonderful parents, and a quite normal looking brother and sister (I being the youngest of three), I took to wearing black at an early age, long before Goth became a style.

I had a "unique" look, separate from my siblings. Long dark brown, almost black, hair. Porcelain white skin. Abnormally big canine teeth. 

Is it any wonder that I was entranced by the myth of the vampire at the tender age of six?

To this day, I still hold those visible characteristics (minus the dark brown hair -- I like to change it with the seasons). My friends joke that I don't tan, but reflect light, which usually happens if someone is taking my photo.

When I became older my veins started coming to the surface. I now have the white skin, still the "fangs," and the hint of blue and purple veins showing beneath my skin. I have been told that I am one of the few people who can pull off that look. I get stared at, even when dressed in "normal" attire, because of this.

At an early age I became interested in my ancestors' faith -- so I started following the path of my ancestors, and now am an ordained White Witch.

My interest in vampires never faltered. Between my fascination with Egyptology, and Greek and Roman mythology and archeology, that interest never faltered. It shows up in my artworks, as well as clothing (that I usually do for musicians). I've even created a tarot deck, all writings and artwork by myself, based partially on the Vampire Myth. I am very proud of this achievement, and may self publish if I don't find a suitable publisher.

I have even made a name for myself by creating one-of-a-kind dolls, dressed in historical outfits (designed in studio by moi), that are vampires. My vampire dolls were featured on a TV show in Ontario, and have gained clients as far away as Japan. Vampire fans, like myself. Collectors range from age 18 to 65.

So now my friends call me the "Countess." My home reflects this, in Victorian antiques and décor. My favorite being the antique dolls from the Victorian period. I am surround by beautiful Armand Marseilles and china-head dolls dating as far back as 1860. Some people proclaim that the china-head from that date is haunted. I even own a tarot deck from 1895. That only comes out on very special occasions.

It's funny, my family used to be worried about my darker side, but now embrace it. They see that it's the artistic nature of my soul. They know I am a good person, but I can go to the darker recesses of my mind when I need too. Mainly for my creations.

As I always say, normal is boring!


Copyright 2007 by Rhiannon


Rhiannon may be contacted at


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