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by Anonymous, guest contributor  [March 21, 2016]





[]  I was driving home Friday night. Actually Saturday at 1 a.m. March 19th. I was going from the Long Island Expressway to the Grand Central Parkway via Clearview.

There was only one exit on Clearview. No one was on the road.

Then a cop starts following me with sirens and a high beam directed at me, telling me to pull over. The only place I could find was the zebra stripes before Grand Central.

Without getting out of his car, the cop yells in his speaker, "Put the car in park and the cabin light on!"

The cop was about 6'2" and approached with his hand on his holstered gun.

Cop: "Do you know why you were pulled over?"

Me: "No. Was was I going a little fast?"

Cop: "No. You did not signal when you changed lanes."

Me: "Oh. I see. I'm really tired."

Cop: "License, registration, insurance."

I hand over my license and insurance. But can't find my registration. I'm digging in my bag, but it's nowhere.

Me: "I don’t know where my registration is."

Cop: "Where are you coming from?"

Me: "Work. I'm an attorney. I was working late. I was trying to get home fast because my dog has been alone for over twelve hours."

Cop: "Your ... what?"

Me: "My, my my dog."

Cop: "Your dog?"

Me: "Yes. See. This is her." I show him my phone case which has a pix of Tina.

Cop: "Aww. What kind of dog is she?"

Me: "She’s a Morkie. Half Maltese, half Yorkie."

Cop: "Hey, I'm a dog lover too. This one's on me. Have a good night."

So Tina's cuteness got me out of a ticket. I love Tee!



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