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by Thomas M. Sipos, managing editor  [April 8, 2012]




[]  Six explorers of the supernatural realms made an astonishing breakthrough, at the home of spiritualist medium Elias Caress, when their séance was disrupted by an angry spirit -- or spirits! -- one of whom left behind a desperate plea for help as evidence of its visitation!

The evening of Sunday, April 1, 2012, had begun peacefully enough. The air was cold and dusk had already fallen when these six brave truth seekers -- including this Weekly Universe reporter! -- convened at Caress's Salt Lake City, Utah house -- which had once been a bordello!

Caress's assistant, the voluptuous Celeste McCulley, welcomed the truth seekers, then led them into a cramped room in the back of the house. Swords, posters, and mystical paraphernalia hung from the walls of many colors. The table was adorned with occult tools -- dowsing rods (aka divining rods when used for seeking ghosts rather than water), bells, tarot cards, Zener cards, candles, and pendulums.



Once the participants were seated about the table -- Caress and McCulley at either end -- Caress explained the purpose of his arcane tools. That ghosts sometimes communicate by ringing bells or moving pendulums. That their presence may be detected with the dowsing/divining rods. He finally displayed a small black slate -- which ghosts sometimes write upon!

Before any séance, Caress likes to break the "spiritual ice" by having the participants get to know each other. He thus displayed a deck of Zener cards, and explained how they are used to test for telepathy. Each card bears one of five symbols -- circle, cross, waves, square, star -- and the test subject is asked to telepathically read the card held by the person concentrating upon it.



Astoundingly, two of the séance participants guessed each other's card -- a circle and a star -- on their first attempts! This, despite a mere 20% "random guess" probability each time! Clearly, the séance participants were in a highly sensitive, psychically attuned mode!

Caress then explained how tarot cards may be used to detect the spiritual influences surrounding an upcoming séance. He gave the deck to one of the participants. She shuffled the cards, then picked -- the Devil!

"Okay, that's enough of that," Caress interjected, quickly putting an end to the use of tarot.

Yet despite such ominous and portentous spiritual warnings, the participants bravely resolved to continue with the night's séance, determined as they were to commune with the dead!

Caress dimmed the lights, leaving but one tiny lamp lit [see above photo]. The participants held hands, forming a magic circle to block out evil spirits. McCulley assured everyone that all would be safe -- so long as they did not break the circle! She then led everyone on a chant of protection.



Caress suggested that they try and contact the spirit of Lily Grace, a young woman who had lived in the house -- until she mysteriously disappeared in 1928. No one ever learned what became of Grace. Some thought she had eloped with her boyfriend, who disappeared at the same time.

Before long the tiny lamp began to flicker! -- and Caress's high-tech EMF meter detected the presence of a spirit!

Caress asked the spirit questions, and requested that the spirit make the EMF meter flicker once for yes, twice for no. Instead the EMF meter flickered frantically, as if whoever -- or whatever! -- was controlling the meter was severely agitated.

Then the tiny lamp went out -- leaving the participants in pitch black darkness!

Undeterred, the courageous séance-goers pressed forward. Caress turned off the EMF meter. He instead asked the unknown spirit to ring the glass bell on the table. Once for yes, twice for no.


And rang, and rang, and RANG! The answers were frantic and desperate! It soon became obvious that the spirit was greatly upset, even angry!


The participants heard -- but in the darkness could not see! -- wall ornaments knocked off of their pegs and come crashing down! An empty wine bottle on the table -- a pendulum hanging from the bottle's cork -- was knocked down! Mysterious blue orb lights floated about the room! Participants reported feeling a string-like substance -- was it ectoplasm?! -- brush against their faces!

Amid the ghostly chaos, McCulley repeated her chant of protection while Caress questioned the spirit -- and began to unearth some chilling and shocking truths! The séance participants learned that Lily Grace was likely murdered -- and that her corpse was probably still buried under the soil of Caress's house -- or perhaps even interred within its very walls!

Even more frighteningly, it soon became apparent that Grace wasn't the only spirit present! The tiny lamp would briefly come to life, frantically flickering. The bell was madly ringing, walls banging, orbs floating, when Caress finally declared the séance over. He and McCulley led a final chant of closure, then turned on the main lights.

Whereupon the participants made yet another bone-chilling discovery! Someone -- or something! -- had thrown the slate onto the floor and wrote upon it!



Just two words: HELP ME.

Even more amazingly, someone -- or something! -- had removed a candle from the candelabra and placed it atop the slate!

But even more astounding was when Caress blurted out, "I don't have any chalk! Where did it get the chalk from!"

A small piece of chalk was indeed found on the main table. Somehow, someone -- or something! -- had caused the chalk to materialize from another realm! -- and then placed it within inches from the séance-participants!



Despite astonishing supernatural discoveries of spiritual significance, the six truth seekers left the hair-raising home of Elias Caress with more questions than when they had arrived. Did the spirit of Lily Grace write that desperate plea on the slate? Where was she now? Was she trapped in the house, with someone -- or something?! -- trying to stop her from communicating clearly with the truth seekers?

And where had that piece of chalk come from? From this world -- or from another dimension beyond mortal reaches?


Eilas Caress may be contacted through his website.
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